Level III Sex Offender
BORN: Jan 4 1960
White, Male, 508, 158, Black HAIR, Brown EYES
ADDRESS: 3200 Blk of Greenwood Ave, Bellingham WA
The Bellingham Police Department is providing this bulletin to inform you of a Level III Registered Sex Offender. This bulletin is not meant to shock or alarm, but rather to provide relevant information regarding this offender, his criminal history, and his potential threat to the neighborhood.

In November 1995, Ortiz was convicted in Whatcom County on two counts of Rape of a Child 3rd and one count of Child Molestation 3rd. His victim was a 15-year-old female friend.

Ortiz has selected jobs that place him in proximity of adolescents. He reportedly has had multiple sexual relationships with adolescent females and may have provided them with a temporary place to stay. He has a previous conviction for Harboring a Runaway.

It is reported that Ortiz completed sexual deviancy treatment. He is not under active parole supervision. It is believed that Ortiz is a high risk to re-offend while in the community.
Revised 11/13/2012