Level III Sex Offender
BORN: Jul 2 1947
White, Male, 509, 162, Gray HAIR, Blue EYES
ADDRESS: wooded area west of Meridian Street along Squalicum creek.
The Bellingham Police Department is providing this bulletin to inform you of a Level III Registered Sex Offender. This bulletin is not meant to shock or alarm, but rather to provide relevant information regarding this offender, his criminal history, and his potential threat to the neighborhood.

Currently says he is living in the wooded area west of Meridian Street along Squalicum Creek in Bellingham. He is actually spending a lot of time at 28xx block Cottonwood and is in the 15xx block of G Street. He is known to drive a 1989 Ford Aerostar van, dark blue, Washington License 889MWY.

Bell was convicted of two counts of Rape of a Child 1st degree in Whatcom County in October 1989. He did not participate in sex offender treatment programs and served 72 months in prison. He was released in October 1993.

Bells victims were girls under the age of ten years old for whom he was babysitting. He "groomed" children to become victims in hopes that his activities will not be reported. Bell "groomed" adults to fool them into putting him in a position of trust. Bell knew all his victims before he offended.

The Bellingham Police Department considers Bell a Level III Sex Offender and believes he is a high risk to try to offend again because of his failure to complete any sex offender programs.
Revised 7/26/2011